Elsteel plants 2,500 trees in Ecuador
18 October, 2022 by

In partnership with Growing Trees Network and their Wawazonia initiative, Elsteel has planted 2,500 Balsa Trees in the Ecuadorian Amazon. Supported by the indigenous Shuar tribe, the project promotes sustainable forestry, rainforest conservation and empowerment within the community.

Why Ecuador?  

Ecuador boasts some of the most biodiverse rainforest in the world. It also produces 95% of the global Balsa supply. Most of the commercial Balsa comes from plantations but illegal logging poses a serious threat to the rainforest. The Amazon is critically important to the health of the planet, and it’s vital that we help protect it.

Why Balsa?

Balsa is native to Ecuador. Plantations of Balsa on the rainforest boarders, act like a natural buffer. With its commercial value and speedy growth, plantations provide sustainable employment and help The Shuar say no to illegal loggers. 

What are the project outcomes?

·      Over 5 years, 2,500 trees will offset 200 tons of Co2 emissions

·      Protect 3 hectares of primary rainforest

·      Halt deforestation in the Amazon

·      Reduce greenhouse gases

·      Promote sustainable development within the indigenous Shuar communities.

Elsteel is committed to powering the planet responsibly. If you’d like to know more about the social responsible projects we do please get in touch today or follow our social media for regular updates.

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