ELSTEEL launches Plug & Power™ Reloaded.
2 November, 2023 by

In 2012 ELSTEEL, Denmark’s leading producer of low voltage modular enclosures, launched its patented Plug & Power™, a solution designed for critical industries that demand uninterrupted power. The system allows distribution boards & motor control centres to be repaired, maintained, and rearranged without having to cut off power.

Plug & Power™ Reloaded - officially launched today - is a system evolution driven by client feedback, rigorous testing, and a culture of continuous design development. Maintaining its core functionality, to provide uninterrupted power, the latest release offers greater build flexibility, superior technical performance, and unrivalled safety. 


Clients can choose plug-in or fully withdrawable units, configure power circuits, and decide what components are necessary for their project. With a standardised range of components at all stages, specifiers and panel builders decide what’s required for the project, while maintaining an option to easily upgrade. 

Technical Performance

From the base unit to a top-end configuration, Plug & Power™ Reloaded is designed to perform in the most unforgiving environments. The results achieved during testing are excellent and demonstrate just how powerful a solution it is. 


Building on the market leading safety of the original Plug & Power™, the Reloaded solution adds multiple levels of protection for users and panel builders. ELSTEEL conducted rigorous testing utilizing its in-house test facility (ISO 17025 accredited) and obtained certification with DEKRA labs in The Netherlands.

Plug & Power™ Reloaded is now available to order from Elsteel and their global distribution network. For more information, full technical characteristics and test data please visit the dedicated launch site on the link below.