In House Test

Elsteel is probably the company with the most amount of tests, design verifications and certifications. If you can’t find what you need below then please get in touch with us.

Test performedCertification authorityCertificate reference
Static Load test of 19" Super Frame wall mounting cabinetELSTEELETL.TR.1711.002View
Design verification of 19" Super Frame for degree of protection as per Clause 12, 13, 14 of IEC 60529ELSTEELETL/TR/1709.001View
Static Load test and IP test of Techno Module door with Norwegian lockELSTEELETL.TR.1711.003View
Static Load test of 19" Super Frame swing cabinetELSTEELETL.TR.1712.001View
Temperature-rise limits of Horizontal to Vertical connector for UBHELSTEELETL/TR/1712.002View
Temperature rise test for ELSTEEL Flexi bars 630A (400mm width compartment)ELSTEELTRE 08-02View
Temperature rise test for 1250A (2x10x40 Cu) PanelELSTEELTRE 09-03View
Temperature rise test comparison on V & H Cu orientations (1250A & 1600A)ELSTEELTRE 09-07View
Temperature rise comparison of Cu spacer arrangementsELSTEELTRE 09-08View
Temperature rise test for ELSTEEL Flexi bars 160A, 250A & 400A (400mm width compartment)ELSTEELTRE 09-10View
Temperature rise test for ELSTEEL Flexi bars 160A, 250A & 400A (600mm width compartment)ELSTEELTRE 09-14View
Temperature-rise test for 250A busbar clamp and busbar boltELSTEELTRE 13-01View
Earth continuity test for TM CoverELSTEELTRE 11-02View
Earth continuity test for Fixed-type CompartmentELSTEELTRE 10-03View
Earth continuity test for Separation PlateELSTEELTRE 10-02View
Earth continuity test for IP65 BoxELSTEELTRE 09-16View
Temperature rise test for 1600A (2x10x60 Cu), back busbar vertical and horizontal comparison. ELSTEELTRE-14-04View
Earth continuity test for mounting plate, mounting plate v2 and fixed type mounting plate.ELSTEELTRE-14-06View
Verification of IP67 for Terminal box 300mmx300mmx120mmELSTEELETL.TR.1701.001View
Verification of IP67 for SSBox 400mmx600mmx200mmELSTEELETL.TR.1704.001View
Verification of effective continuity between exposed conductive parts and protective circuitELSTEELETL.TR.1703.001View
Design verification of Techno Module V3 components against harmful effects due to ingress of dust and waterELSTEELETL.TR.1801.002View
Static load test as per clause 9.4 of IEC 62208 on Adjustable Plinth CornerELSTEELETL.TR.1808.001View
Lifting test on Plinth Profile with lifting means as per clause 9.5 of IEC 62208: 2011ELSTEELETL.TR.1808.003View
Mechanical operation test of Techno Module Door (Type DO) Version 3 (1000 cycles)ELSTEELETL.TR.1810.001View
6300A Test Assembly. Temperature rise test of functional units: QF1 - Compact NS1600H; QF2 - MTZ1 1600A; QF3 - MTZ2 3200AELSTEELETL.TR.1901.001View
Design Verification of IP67 for Hygienic Terminal Box 400mmx125mmx200mm ELSTEELETL.TR.1908.002View
Static Load test of Wall Mounting Brackets Instant plateELSTEELETL.TR.1908.003View
Temperature rise test of Main Busbar System, Horizontal Top to Bottom Orientation ELSTEELETL.TR.1906.003View
Design verification of Dielectric Properties of Busbar Holder(BAH)ELSTEELETL.TR.1910.001View
Design Verification of static load carrying capacity,IK 10 and IPX4 ELSTEELETL.TR.1911.002View

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Charity in 2019

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