Hannover Messe 23-27 April, 2018!


We will be there. Of course we will. And we can't wait to show you the latest new developments we have come up with over the year.

Hall 12 Stand B 50

23-27 April 2018
Hannover - Germany

The Elsteel Team is ready to show you the best technical solution!

Hannover 2017

Charity in 2017


Elsteel donates a considerable amount to charity projects every year. Amongst several other projects there is one in particular that we are very proud of.

In December 2017 we opened a small nursery in rural Sri Lanka. The area had been damaged by severe floods in June and the village had no funds to re-build the nursery. So with Elsteel organization, funds and manpower we re-built the village nursery.

The building holds up to 15 children aged 3-5 and is completely fitted with everything needed for a safe learning environment.

Fang Logstrup, Managing Director, and her son Sixten were at the grand opening on the 22nd December.


Design verification 61439 with Siemens breakers!


We passed another design verification test IEC 61439 with Siemens breakers at PT IPH test lab in Berlin.

Panel ratings are 2000A & 6300A under ASTA Compliance Test Certificate.

Ongoing improvement never ends at Elsteel!

Please go through the updates here below and share the updates with your customers as well. On our website you'll always have the newest updates first. Login
Another test passed!

We recently tested our busbar holders with different distances (up to 1000 mm) for different Short Circuit levels.
These test results have direct influence on how you build your panel and it reduces the project cost considerably.

For instance: In two 800 mm wide sections you needed 5 sets of busbar holders, but with the new test results you can complete the panel with 3 sets of busbar holders. So we have effectively reduced the amount of busbar holders & supportive cross bars. Save money on holders & time on assembly!

If you need any clarification please do not hesitate to contact the Elsteel Team.

Launch of the Techno Module Designer (TMD)

The Elsteel TMD is an amazing software package that allows you to design
panels in 3D within minutes!

Easy to design a panel board, customize it to your exact requirements and
get a 3D view.
Generating the 3D model is a simple click from the 2D design stage. The 3D
view allows the designer to view the panel construction and to tweak the
design if required. You may want to add or remove additional crossbars for
instance. You can also use the 3D view to show the panel board to your
assembler or customer.

Please get back to us to book a training session and we will get you set up
at the earliest!

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Why Elsteel?


Elsteel is a one stop supplier for all low voltage enclosures. From the smallest terminal box to the largest distribution boards and motor control centers!

Being one of the most modern players in the market...


Reduce CO2


Environment friendly panel technology at Elsteel.

Reduction of energy used and CO2 Released into our environment is a big issue for Elsteel when designing sustainable solutions for



Hannover Messe 23-27 April, 2018!

Hannover Messe 23-27 April, 2018!

The Elsteel Team is ready to show you the best technical solution!

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