Tailor-made Enclosure Solution for an Eco-Friendly Panel Builder
7 July, 2021 by

Gassner is an Austrian-based company which operates in the measurement and automation technology industry. Their main focus is manufacturing waste plant sorting and garbage col­lection systems using the latest technology. 

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The company's goal is to provide user-friendly systems and solutions for the waste disposal industry. But because the systems were not noticeable enough, they started looking for a better solution. The idea was a uniform color concept for al I systems so that the customer can see immediately which elements belong to which waste disposal system. 

Gassner knew that they needed a new approach in these projects. The answer was to im­prove the design of their product to make it more eye-catching and equalize it with the qual­ity of its functions. They needed painted mild boxes that would stand out. To stay competi­tive, companies need to be innovative. Redesigning the boxes was a step in that direction and Gassner took contact to ELSTEEL. 

Why Gassner needed ELSTEEL's special boxes 

Gassner needed a design that would make their eco-products more noticeable. The solution was to paint the boxes in specific colours that were easy to associate with their waste man­agement and easy sorting system. 

The market for mild steel boxes only provides standard colors so it was a big relief for Gassner when they found out that ELSTEEL offers customized boxes in all RAL colors. 

ELSTEEL's Enclosure Solutions 

We are passionate about providing unique solutions that will satisfy our clients' specific needs, therefore we jumped at this opportunity right away. As we can produce low voltage boxes for switchboards in any RAL color, this project was definitely in the field of our exper­tise. 

The ELSTEEL team aimed to manufacture the enclosures in bright eco-friendly colors such as yellow, orange, and green - precisely in every color that the client wanted. 

The outcome 

Within only four weeks, we were able to deliver tailor-made boxes to Gassner in which high-end electronic equipment was installed They were highly satisfied not only with our boxes but also with the service we provided. All steps from planning to delivery went smoothly. At ELSTEEL, we aim to be more than just a supplier - we aim to be a partner.