Techno Module Designer

The first step to quickly design any panel board!

Pitch More - Design Less

We built TMD so you can put your effort into the pitch.

TMD lets you draw and quote a panel board within minutes. Easy, quick and convenient. You´ll get bill of materials, 2D and 3D drawings, heat temperature calculation and even an estimate on the assembly time.

It allows you to spend less time on designing and more time on pitching. 

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TMD - Features

Design 2D & 3D Models

Quickly design 2d & 3d models

Generate Bill of Materials

Outputs and estimated bill of materials into excel

Estimated Build Times

Estimates the total build time


Estimated Copper Weight

Calculates required copper weight

Enhanced UI

Easy to use and quick to deploy

100% Free

All our customers can use this software totally free

TMD V2.0

Version 2.0 and higher requires your company to have a valid NDA in place and access to our client portal. Please contact your area sales manager, or fill in the form below for further information. 

Legacy Downloads

Downloads on this page are unsupported versions, may contain out-of-date pricing and should be used only for demonstration or training purposes.

TMD 1.5.30 (Online)

Published on: 10-January-2024

File Size : 20.5MB

TMD 1.5.30 ( (Off-Line)

Published on: 10-January-2024

File Size : 332MB

Version History

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