Why Elsteel?

Elsteel is a one stop supplier for all low voltage enclosures. From the smallest terminal box to the largest distribution board and motor control center!

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Why Elsteel?

Established in 1981, Elsteel is one of the youngest & most exciting players on the market, constantly up to date with the latest technologies and pushing the industry forward with our products & designs.

We test and then we test again, we're 99% certain we do the most testing on modular enclosures in the world, check out our certificate library for more info. Our solutions are built to accommodate all brands of electronic equipment, offering you 100% flexibility. 

We believe strongly in making a swift way from planning to action – when you choose Elsteel we give you state of the art software (100% free) to help you design the best solution on the market in super quick time, not only does it output 2D & 3D models, it also gives you estimated build time, copper weight and an automatically generated bill of material. 

Meet our Team

Company team

Fang Logstrup 

Managing Director and owner of the Elsteel empire. 
She can fix anything as long as fun is had along the way.  

Company team

Niclas Jensen  

Global Business Development Manager & Head of Sales
This is the guy we trust, especially when he takes us skydiving.


Company team

Ejgil Lund 

Director, Elsteel Denmark. 
This keen golfer is our go-to guy for European stock and sales in Denmark and Sweden.

 ejgil@elsteel.com /   +45 4019 0728

Company team

Konstantinos Koufakis 

Senior Sales Manager Southeast  Europe & Israel
Having completed several marathons you have to stay on your toes to keep up with this guy.

 konstantinos@elsteel.com  /   +30 6 947 777304

Company team

Dean Moon 

Product Manager
There's always a smile and a brilliant solution from Dean.

 dean@elsteel.com /   +44 77121 25501

Company team

Nayana Ranatunga 

Senior Sales Manager South East Asia, ME & Africa
This historian has so many stories having worked with Elsteel for more than 20 years.

 nayana@elsteel.com /   +94 77 736 8433

Company team

Umang Pandey  

Senior Sales Manager India
India is well looked after with optimism and persistence from this clever man.
  umang@elsteel.com  /   +91 916 865 5498

Company team

Vinod Moon

Director Elsteel India
There’s no such thing as an impossible challenge and Vinod proves that with the success of our production in Goa, India.


Company team

Alexander Menshikov 

Senior Sales Manager CIS, Baltics & Finland
Reliable, resourceful and no mission impossible.

 menshikov@elsteel.com  /   +90 507 220 32 30

Company team

Grzegorz Jużyca 

Sales Manager Poland
With speed, determination and precision Grzegorz will be at your service.

 grzegorz@elsteel.com /   +48 601 569 253

Company team

Mariusz Bogusławski 

Director Elsteel Poland
Cool, calm and collected and sees opportunities in everything and everyone.


Company team

Samadara Wijetunge

Customer Care Manager
Multitasking wizard! Sam takes customer care to the next level while also looking after all our social and green initiatives.


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Certificate Library

We constantly test, we have so many certificates that we created a library!

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Power the Planet

We're passionate about the environment and powering the planet sustainably.

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Started in 1981 - we've come along way and we're going a lot further