Power the Planet

Elsteel is committed to delivering sustainable power and reducing it's carbon footprint

Reduce your Co2 footprint by 26%!

In order to reduce carbon emissions & global warming; project managers and engineers must offer “green panels”, rather than “cheap” panels!  

The initial investment for a green panel will be higher but the extra cost  

can be recouped in just one year with todays energy prices. You will actually save money in the long run and make a big impact on reaching your companies Co2 goals.  The best part is that its a super easy thing to do!

You just need to follow these 4 simple steps to go  ECO  on your panel.

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Step 1

Increase Breaker Sizes  one rating up 

Step 2

Increase Busbar Sizes  one step up

Step 3

Avoid Fuses  use MCCB & MCB

Step 4

Use Breakers with minimum watt loss

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2,500 Balsa Trees  2022

Elsteel teamed up with the Growing Trees Network and the Wawazonia initiative to plant 2,500 Balsa Trees in the Ecuadorian Amazon. Over 5 years our 2,500 trees will offset 200 tons of Co2 emissions and help the local Shuar Tribe protect the Amazon.

Discover more to understand the essential role this project plays in our commitment to power the planet.

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Recycled Keys  2022

  “The Shredder”, based in Sri Lanka, takes scrap generated during plastic moulding, shreds it and extracts long thin threads. The threads are chopped into pellets that are ready to be formed into non-critical components.

 We’ve perfected the process for using the pellets in manufacturing and we’re very excited to announce that all our keys are now 100% recycled – reducing waste in the factory and our impact on the environment.                

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Techno Honey  2021

Our Factory in Poland is home to one of our lesser-known teams and they’re responsible for our sweetest product! They’re precision engineers with a beautiful modular system, introducing ELBEES! 
The bees play an important part to the local environment, so we have installed 3 hives at the factory. The Techno honey is a sweet by product that our staff and clients get to enjoy.
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Tree Ceremony 2021

At each of our factories in Sri Lanka, India and Poland we distributed trees and seeds to all of our amazing staff. The ceremony marked the start of our 40th year celebrations. 

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Galagamuwa Nursery 2019

Due to the unsafe conditions of the previous Nursery building, ELSTEEL built a brand new Nursery to ensure a better environment for the local children to learn in.  

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Rileegama Nursey 2018

Located in a small rural community, Rileegama's Nursery wasn't a safe building for the children. ELSTEEL constructed a new Nursery to provide a safe learning environment.

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Bulathsinhala Nursery 2017

Heavy rains and flooding had destroyed the village. In adition to providing essential aid to the residents, ELSTEEL also rebuilt the Nursery for the community.

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