Elsteel Techno Truck
18 September, 2023 by

Our mobile exhibition, The Techno Truck, has covered over 14,500 km’s since it set off on its maiden voyage 18 months ago. It’s enjoyed showing off its power in Ireland, exhibiting its style on the streets of Italy and flexing its muscle in Greece. 

Fitted with Plug & Power, Fixed Type and Techno Module Light – it’s an excellent tool for us and our distributors to demonstrate the flexibility, power and safety of Techno Module. We’ve also included a selection of fully welded boxes & special enclosures on display.    

The Techno Truck is currently at home at our new factory in Poland but will be back on the road soon, to wow the panel builders of Europe and beyond. If you would like the Techno Truck to visit your factory or office, speak with your regional sales representative today.