Elsteel’s test laboratory accredited ISO 17025
1 September, 2022 by

Elsteel has achieved a different kind of certificate, one we’re very proud of and excited to share with you. Our in-house testing laboratory has been accredited as an ISO 17025 testing facility for low-voltage power distribution equipment to IEC 61439!

What does ISO 17025 mean?

This is the highest accreditation for a test facility and means the equipment, processes and environment of the laboratory produce reliable, precise and, most importantly, impartial results.

What can you test at the Elsteel Laboratory?

The ISO 17025 accreditation is for the testing of low-voltage distribution equipment according to IEC 61439.

The lab can test:

  • Temperature rise up to 5000a

  • Degree of protection with a dust chamber up to IP67

  • Mechanical impact up to IK10

  • Dielectric properties up 12kV

  • Mechanical testing area (lifting, static loads, mechanical operations)

Why did you invest so much in your test lab?

Elsteel is committed to producing the best modular solutions in the industry and this means guaranteeing safety and reliability. The low-voltage switchboard market is rapidly evolving, having our own test lab with ISO 17025 ensures we lead it.