100% Recycled Keys
19 August, 2022 by

In our quest to be green we have moved a few steps closer to the target. The standard keys we supply are now manufactured using 100% scrap material.

In January 2022 we installed “The Shredder” at one of the factories in Sri Lanka. It shreds, melts and extracts long strands of plastic that are chopped into pellets and ready for recycling.

We won’t compromise on quality or safety, so the components we produce from recycled plastics couldn’t be critical or structurally integral to our panels. There are however non-critical parts that could be made from either 100% recycled plastics or from a ratio of recycled and fresh pellets.

Grey recycled keys are actually stronger than the earlier black keys because there is Makrolon in the mix. The same material we use for bus bar holders.

The environmental impact is twofold, firstly we are reducing our waste by utilising it in our key production and secondly we can reduce our stock of original fresh material.

Order numbers are the same for the keys, so you don’t need to update your system. You can sit back, relax and in time you will see the keys in your deliveries. They’ll be stronger and environmentally friendly. Win win!

Please contact us for more information and watch this space for further product updates.