Our Accessory Box gets a redesign to Power the Planet
28 February, 2023 by

Our trusted accessory box: it’s used for a wide variety of smaller products and accessories, we’ve had the same design for years and we’ve never had any complaints, apart from the occasional customer misplacing the lid. So why did we decide to re-design the box?

Elsteel is on a mission to become Co2 neutral in the next ten years; as a company we constantly analyse every aspect of our operations, production and delivery to see where we can make improvements and reduce our carbon footprint. During our production analysis the accessories box, made of cardboard, had opportunity of improvement.

The design team set to work and came back with a box that worked a little bit better and was a lot more sustainable. A simple modification in replacing the lid with a hinged fold reduced the materials used by 30% and ensured none of our customers would ever misplace the lid again. The edge of the lid is perforated so its easy to rip off and get easy access to the parts within. Perfect!

Small steps like this are the reason we’re on a good track to become sustainable sooner rather than later.  There’s a lot more updates, both big and small, to share. Follow our LinkedIn page for regular news on our mission to #powertheplanet.