IEC 61439-2 Simplified

Keeping it simple for IEC 61439-2 compliance!

IEC 61439-2 is the relevant standard for ‘Low-voltage Power Switchgear and Control gear Assemblies’

According to the standard, it is a requirement that all assemblies are Verified (Design & Routine Verification) and supplied with information relating to these verified characteristics (e.g. operational voltage, IP Code etc.)

Elsteel has since the introduction of IEC 61439 in 2009, successfully completed a huge amount of Design Verification by Test, and continues to do so, resulting in a vast reference library of tested reference designs.

When you design your panel with Techno Module system, you can check your proposed design (i.e. compartment size, rated circuit current, circuit-breaker) against our tested reference library. This ensures that you have a valid Design Verification relating to IEC 61439-2.

Typically your design will be ‘bespoke’ and will require you to carry out additional Design Verifications, e.g. for temperature-rise limits. These can generally be done using Design Verification by Comparison or by Assessment and involve reference to tested designs, calculations and applying ‘design rules’ and safety margins as detailed in IEC 61439-2

We can provide design verification reports specified exactly to your project! Contact us for more info!