We’ll plant a tree for every container that leaves our factory.
14 December, 2022 by

In partnership with Growing Trees Network Foundation, we planted 2,500 Balsa trees in the Ecuadorian Amazon. In doing so we offset 200 tons of Co2 emissions, helped to protect the Amazon from deforestation and promoted sustainable development with the local Shuar Tribe.

The health of the Amazon is critical to the health of the earth and a major part of our commitment to power the planet. To bolster our efforts in the Amazon we’ve launched an initiative whereby ELSTEEL will plant a single Balsa Tree for every container that leaves any of our factories.

We started our “One container = One tree” programme in September and so far 59 containers have left our factories in Denmark, Poland, Sri Lanka & India. This means we’ll be planting 59 balsa trees in the Amazon. Simple!

We’ll be posting about our progress on ELSTEEL’s social channels; so, keep an eye out for “One container = One tree” updates. If you would like further information, please contact us here.