Australia’s largest grain supplier increases plant safety with ELSTEEL Techno Module
21 June, 2022 by

The Client 

CBH Group is a leader in the Australian grain processing industry and is the largest cooperative in Australia. CBH has been in business processing grain from Western Australia's wheatbelt for almost 100 years. 

Although the company's overall work process and efficiency were at a satisfactory level, CBH experienced safety concerns regarding its working conditions. 

The company employs over 1,100 permanent employees and more than 1,800 temporary employees during peak harvest periods - a large number of workforce whose safety is at play. That is why CBH Group decided to consult with IPD Group, ELSTEEL's Australian distributor for more than 20 years, with a goal to find an effective solution for their power distribution network and switchboard systems. 

Distributorship with IPD 

IPD Group is an Australian company with a significant national footprint in the electrical industry and has been providing services for over 65 years. IPD and ELSTEEL have had close ties for decades. 

On their first meeting, IPD and CBH discussed the replacement of the existing power distribution and motor control switchboards across several of CB H's grain handling sites. 

Upgrading factory equipment is crucial for the organization and personnel safety. It makes perfect sense to never postpone work equipment consideration and improvements, as avoiding resolving these issues can cost a lot more than a single upgrade. 

What CBH Group Expected of the New Switchboards 

The existing switchboards at CBH grain processing sites were mainly custom-built using Form 2 construction. When CBH contacted IPD Group to replace these existing systems and increase the safety of personnel, they knew that they needed the latest technology and new approach that follows the latest trends. CBH Group identified these critical requirements for their new switchboard system: 

  • It must comply with new AS/NZS 61439 standards 

  • It must have internal separation made to Form 4 standards 

  • It must be tested for internal arc fault containment 

  • It must include technical support, design assistance, compliance documentation and access to testing information It must be available locally with short lead times 

  • It must have a proven track record of success in other large installations 

  • It must be possible for multiple switchboard builders with training and accreditation to build the system.

ELSTEEL's Low Voltage Solution 

Techno Module has been available and widely used in the Australian and New Zealand markets for over 25 years. Techno Module satisfied all of CBH Group's critical requirements for this project and was chosen by IPD Group as the best solution for this unique project. 

IPD Group worked closely with Intellect Systems during the early design and development stages of this project. IPD Group also worked with the ELSTEEL team to oversee extensive testing of the Techno Module onsite in Australia. 

"ELSTEEL's support and assistance in conducting the tests have helped us immensely in meeting compliance. The assistance provided by ELSTEEL was greatly appreciated by both /PD and CBH." 

Brian Rodricks, IPD Business Manager 

Testing confirmed that all of CBH Group's requirements were met and all systems were in compliance. IPD Group has supplied several power distribution and motor control switchboards to CBH Group grain processing sites over the past 12 months. 

Good relations, great products and strong technical support always provide the best possible solutions.