Innovation and continuous development ensure Techno Module leads the market.
29 November, 2022 by

It’s been a great year for Techno Module, we have completed numerous tests, surpassing our wildest expectations with some staggering results. It’s validated our investment in R&D and our culture of continuous development to provide panel builders with the best product on the market.

Earlier this year, Arc Fault Containment testing pushed the test panel to new heights and it passed with flying colours, as you can see from these results:

415V @ 100kA permissible for 500Ms

690V @ 65kA permissible for 300Ms

In accordance with IEC/TR 61641 – Arcing Class C

The latest round of testing, in accordance with IEC 61439, means panel builders can build panels with the main busbars rated up to a massive 12,000A! Below are the technical details – if you’re interested to find out more, contact your regional sales manager today!

12,000A Main Busbar short circuit test @ 35 deg ambient

120kA for 1 second & 150kA for 1 second

10,000A Main Busbar short circuit test @ 50 deg ambient                                        

100kA for 3 seconds